Thursday, April 21, 2011

Survivor Redemption Island Episode 10 Power Rankings

Given up on the game

11. Julie (6)

One thing about Julie's stealing of Philip's shorts is that it indicated to me that she felt there was no chance of her making final tribal. It was an act of frustration for sure, but it was also an act of somebody who knew that her actions were not going to impact her game going forward. I'd go so far as to say that her actions were those of someone who desperately wanted her actions to have some sort of impact in the game. Much like the rest of her game, stealing the shorts reflected poorly on her, and ended up meaning very little to the rest of the game.

You still aren't welcome

10. Matt (11)
9. Mike (10)

Nothing has changed here - whomever of these two come back into the game will just be voted out at the net tribal council in which they do not have immunity.

Living on a Prayer

8. Steve (9)
7. Ralph (8)

Pagonging in full effect.

Everybody else

6. Philip (6)

Philip drops behind Ashely because I believe there's no chance he will get any votes from Zapatera, making his chances of winning even more difficult.

5. Ashley (7)

If Rob is serious about finding a Public Enemy #2, he will know this is his best choice.

4. Andrea (4)
3. Natalie (3)
2. Grant (2)
1. Rob (1)

No change in the top 4 is a good inidication that we are still in a holding pattern for another couple of weeks.

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