Thursday, March 31, 2011

Survivor Redemption Island Episode 7 Power Rankings

Win and you're back in the game

13. Sarita (last week: 11)
12. Matt (13)

You can argue that Matt should be rated higher, but the truth is that Matt still has to win a competition in order to continue to play the game. That is a worse position than anybody else (save Sarita) is in.

The Crazy House

11. Philip (12)

The evolution of Philip has seen him now become the crazy old man who feels he should be the elder of the tribe that everybody yields to. This has also make him look like a frightening crazy man with a plan. His evolution is something that I'll end up talking about at some point.

You could be in trouble

10. Steve (10)

I can see Omatepe targetting Steve immediately if Mike gets immunity. I mean, a former NFL player is going to be an immunity threat by default. It's up to him to some how use his positive outlook to convince others that he should stay.

Now you have some use

9. Ashely (9)
8. Natalie (8)

Their 2 votes will be huge for Omatepe, so they aren't going anywhere for a while. But once Zapatera has been dealt with, it's a much different story for them.

Good thing you have that idol

7. Ralph (7)

I'm mentioned before that Ralph is the new Rupert. The thing with Rupert was that at some point, his tribe got tired of dealing with his personality and also realized that he was a huge threat to wint he $1 million. Ralph is very much in the same mold (though smarter about the game.) The key to his survival is knowing when to play the idol. If he plays it in the right spot, he could make top 3.

Treading water

6. Ashley (6)

Not doing anything to offend anybody, but is still in a position to make a big move if the opportunity arises. She's also smart enough to know when the opportunity is good enough to make that move.

Now's the time to step up

5. Mike (3)

Mike drops for a simple reason - he looks like an immunity threat. The other tribe is going to target him first in the absense of any other information, but Mike hasn't shown himself to be good enough to win immunity, especially over Grant.

The scorpion

4. David (5)

David needs to tone it down. He has hist tribe distrusting him, and he has the other tribe who wants to vote somebody out from his tribe. Somebody on his tribe is likely to give him up in order to further their own game; if David acts the part of "good player" he's in trouble.

Speaking of flipping...

3. Julie (4)

We all know that she had toyed with the idea of switching sides and playing with Russell. She didn't, but she seems aware enough to switch sides if it will help her. That switch could come as soon as the merge.

Birds of a feather

2. Rob (2)
1. Grant (1)

Grant gets the edge because he is a beast in challenges. A true beast. He basically won Omatepe 2 challenges on his own. Rob continues to play this game at a higher level than anybody else, but a blind side has always been just around the corner. As well, Rob is less likely to get votes from the jury. but if Rob goes on a run...

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