Thursday, April 07, 2011

Survivor Redemption Island Episode 8 Power Rankings

Welcome home

12. Matt (Last week: 12)

Remember when I called Matt a target? I thought it was because of his dominance in Redemption Island, nto because of his poor play.

You couldare be in trouble

11. Steve (10)

Avoided being the target this week, but next week he is gong to be the target if Mike wins immunity. He's also too nice; people are going to be reluctant to bring him to final tribal for fear of votes going to him by default.

Hey, where'd your idol go?

10. Ralph (7)

Lost in Matt's blindsiding was Ralph giving up the immunity idol. It sure looked like Zapatera didn't think Matt was going to be voting with them this week.

The Crazy House

9. Philip (11)

Philip's rants are the best thing about tribal council. And now that he's moved to a more serene mood, we're getting much more of a Coach vibe out of him.

Okay, now's the time to step up

8. Mike (5)

Mike made a bold move this week by trying to swing Matt and Ashley. It's not his fault that Matt has a conscience or something. But Mike now has a huge target on his back, and no back up idol behind him any longer. He needs an immunity run (or Redemption Island run) to stay in this game.

The very lippy scorpion

7. David (4)

How great was it when David called Rob's play great strategy? And how frustrating was it that David decided to give lip to Philip at tribal council when he thought Zapatera was going to be putting one over on Ometepe? David is free and clear for the next couple of weeks, unless he starts speaking out too much. I don't know if he can keep quiet though.

Now you have some use

6. Ashely (9)
5. Natalie (8)

A two vote bloc who aren't going to win the game unless they completely change their antics at camp. Congrats to Natalie for winning immunity; if she can win a few more challenges she might be able to put together another story at final tribal.

By luck of the draw

4. Julie (3)

Nobody is going to go after Julie any time soon. She's aware enough to know that her tribe is in trouble, and flipping to the other side might be a better move for her. The question left is whether she will or not.

Being lifted by buoyancy

3. Ashley (6)

Smartly cut bait on Matt, knowing that the opportunity to make a move with Zapatera will still be available later on. Seemingly well like by everybody, so she can win the game. I'm probably underrating her by putting her at 3; that says a lot.

Birds of a feather

2. Grant (1)
1. Rob (2)

Rob moves up to the top because he is playing the game so much better than anybody else. Grant moves down because Zapatera seems to be on to the idea that Rob could have a trick up his sleeve, so Grant will be the target for Zapatera going forward.

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