Thursday, November 01, 2007

Not much of a casino though

Jimmy Eat World + Neon Boneyard in Las Vegas = Fun video for Big Casino

(Link taken from Five Hundy by Midnight)

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Survivor: China Episode 5 and 6 Thoughts

You know how I was talking about the Survivor gods and karma and stuff? These last two weeks have been proof of their existence.

Last week, a case of common sense came over Fighting Tiger. After talking to Sherea and Frosti during the immunity challenge, they realized that the whole "throwing challenges to even the numbers to 5 original Flying Dragon vs 5 original Fighting Tiger" won't work that well if Sherea or Frosti do not want to flip back. So all of the sudden Fighting Tiger is trying to convince James that they actually want to compete.

Meanwhile, James has been kidnapped by Flying Dragon, and the hidden immunity idol is found by Todd (with Frosti seeing what is going on). Rather than keep it himself, Todd gives the idol to James, and tells James to throw the immunity challenge and vote Jamie out. Todd also quickly gets to Frosti to get his trust.

Of course, things do not go as planned. The immunity competition is the traditional "eat gross stuff" competition, and sure enough, Flying Dragons seem to not like to have to eat horrendous stuff. James even held out as long as he could before giving in and eating the gross item in front of him.

So Flying Dragon was left to get rid of somebody. And the obvious choice wasa Sherea. Except Courtney didn't like this idea, and she wanted to get rid of Jean Robert, who she doesn't like. And after campaigning to get rid of him, they went to tribal council, where Sherea decided that she didn't want to stick around. Why else would you go off like she did? She basically said "you can't trust me, I'm a loose cannon" while going off at tribal council, and that truly ended up sealing the deal.

Move to this week, and we get to see the payoff for last year's Yau Man "fake immunity idol" ploy. James, knowing where the immunity idol was on the Fighting Tiger beach, went to his beach and searched in the same spot. Lucky for us, the viewers, James first pulled off the wrong symbol thing, and then grabbed the right one. As well, he did not clean up the wrong symbol, leaving it for Jamie and Erik to find. After finding it, they assumed that it was a hidden immunity idol, and even searched James' bag for confirmation. When they found the idols that James had, they just assumed that the thing they had was the idol. Which brings us to our lesson of the week: If you are going to go through people's stuff, make sure you thoroughly look at things.

After our weekly "Jean-Robert could be going" tease, we get to the vote. After the vote, but before Jeff reads the votes, Jamie speaks up. "Jeff, I have a question. I found this and I think it might be a hidden immunity idol." Jeff inspects it, gives a speech about how Jamie has played something thinking it is an immunity idol, but instead of saying she is immune, he throws the idol into the fire and says that Jamie's votes will count against her. Sure enough, she's gone.

The other surprise is that Jamie is apparenlty the first member of the jury. If my math is right, that is going to give us either 8 jury members for a final 2, or 7 jury members for a final 3. Does this mean that we have a final 3 ahead of us for a guaranteed winner?

So who goes next week? Peih-Gee doesn't have anybody's trust, so she goes before Erik the naive.

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