Thursday, March 24, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island Episode 6 Power Rankings

Needs a lot of help

14. Stephanie (Last week: 12)

She certainly went out with a blaze of glory, throwing everything at Sarita that she could. Jeff will definitely miss her at tribal council. But going against the king of Redemption Island is not going to be an easy win.

13. Matt (14)

I don't have too much more to say here - Matt is setting himself up to come back from Redemption Island, but he's going to be a target again. And he might end up being a person without a team.

The Crazy House

12. Phillip (13)

They are really setting Phillip up to be the person who ends up causing Rob's ouster.

Making the wrong kind of waves

11. Sarita (11)

It's nice that her tribe chose her over Stephanie, but now she has to put up or get the boot. She certainly hurt her cause when she implied that she doesn't want to put herself in a situation where the challenge could be on the line for fear of failure.

Not-so-good category

10. Steve (10)

There's something going on here, which they really haven't delved into too much. They haven't shown why people would think he was weak, but the thought is out there. Add in his naievete and his valuing of trust over strength, and he's in a bit of a spot.

Would you like to go back to when you couldn't remember our existance?

9. Ashley (9)
8. Natalie (8)

Their immaturity is going to be their undoing. Yes, Phillip was absolutely annoying. But your reaction to it, while I'm sure entertaining for the tribe, only made you a bigger threat to Phillip, and make you less attractive to the other tribe.

A different type of delusion

7. Ralph (6)

Ralph seems to think he's better than he actually is. He once again failed when when he essentially asked the coach for the ball. And yet he thought that the problem was with the shooter, not the catcher. People notice these things, and they don't forget. Throw in the likely "I'm just a dumb hick, how can I win Survivor?" story, and people are going to want to get rid of him.

Picking up their game

6. Andrea (7)

She held her tongue when Phillip attacked, and she seems to have realized that Matt could be a threat to her game coming back. As the weeks go on, she is one to watch. One way or another, she is going to make a big impact in this game.

Too smart for his own good

5. David (4)

His full frontal assault on Sarita was unfortunate, since it didn't work. He also doesn't seem to understand tha changing a person's mind during Tribal Council is pretty unlikely. Even if you believe that Sarita was going to be a bigger hinderance to the tribe, you have to cut bait at some point.

The two sweetest words in the English language

4. Julie (5)

Up to 4 solely by default. she took a little too much pleausre in Krista losing Redemption Island, as though it was personal to her.

Not smart enough for his own good

3. Mike (3)

You could make the argument that Mike should have been lowered even furhter, but I'm not going ot be the one to do so. Mike was kinda exposed by Grant, who ran the same play over and over again.

The power couple

2. Rob (2)
1. Grant (1)

They really need to be more subtle going forward. Saying "hey, let's go see the view" is something that you would never hear Rob say in normal circumstances, let alone while feasting on a great meal. As well,he has Secret Agent Phillip on the case, so soon it might be a case of Stealth taking out the Mentalist.

Now if we can only find a way to stop Grant from giving up hidden immunity idol clues...

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