Friday, May 07, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Episode 12 Thoughts

...aka the episode where Russell officially lost it.

Don't get me wrong, Russell in "creating chaos" mode is amazing television. But it's also a clear path to lose thegame of Survivor. This week, Russell managed to do some irreplaceable damage to his alliance, while angering both the heroes and jury. I'm surprised he didn't pee on Jeff to annoy the one person he hadn't in the game.

What makes Russell's plan so risky is that he employs a "burn everything to the ground, and end up the sole person standing." Where he ends up with problems is when another person survives. At that point he's in a lot of trouble. It's going to happen again on this season, and he's not going to win. All that remains to be seen is whether there's the backlash against the winner.

And how about Colby and Rupert? They're back into play all of the sudden, having a real chance of making it to the final three. I wouldn't have expected that a month ago, let alone a week ago, and yet here we are. Kudos to them for exceeding my expectations, in no smal part because Rupert carried around a rock in his shorts.

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