Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Of course it's possible, I saw Hot Tub Time Machine too!

Stephen Hawking says time travel is possible.

This is actually an interesting development. Not so much for the revelation that Hawking believes time travel is possible (though the way he proposes time travel to occur does sound a bit sci-fi-ish,) but instead for Hawking's low self esteem.

I'd imagine there is some context missing from this quote, but "In the documentary, Hawking admits he was hesitant to discuss such theories previously, for fear of being labeled a “crank.” seems like the most ridiculous thing I have heard. Who's going to believe that Hawking is a crank in this situation? The man is the foremost minds in astrophysics. If he says it can be done, it behooves us to at least consider the possibility. Anybody who automatically dismisses the thought is engaging in some serious intellectual dishonesty.

This is a grand revelation, and I'm looking forward to somebody picking up the work to prove or disprove this theory.

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