Saturday, May 01, 2010

Manic May - An Introduction

I haven't been happy with my bloggin recently.

I've written some entries I am proud of, and others that ended up being well short of what I wanted them to be. I've intended to write posts about some timely subjects, only to end up leaving it so long that the post would be irrelevant.

So I've decide to do something about it.

My plan is to make at least one post every day in the month of May. Some of them will be links to videos. Some of them will be Survivor posts. Some of them will (hopefully) be longer posts on various items of interest to me. But there will be one each day for the month of May.

Why the title "Manic May"? Well, as I will discuss during May, I have a couple of trips coming up. I'll be in Montreal for UFC 113, and then will be in Vegas for a week (to see UFC 114 and the F4W Convention). Montreal likely won't be a problem for me to get posts done; the laptop will come with me and in a pinch I can use my phone. But Vegas has me concerned. Do I really want to be spending my time in my room writing blog posts? Heck, will I have any time to write blog posts? (My schedule for Thursday to Monday is pretty full.) I get a sense that I'll be using the scheduled post option of Blogger often.

Anyway, this is a round about way to say that you should check the blog frequently as daily updates will be the norm in May.

(And yes, posting this on May 1st means it counts as my content for today. Hey, my challenge, my rules!)

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