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Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains - Did JT Make the Stupidest Play Ever

I've given the JT play from two weeks ago a bit of thought to determine whether it was in fact, the Stupidest Play in Survivor History.

The last time I made a list like this, the results were:

1. Survivor 3 (Africa): Brandon decides to vote with Lex to eliminate Kelly, thus alienating his tribe.
2. Survivor 4 (Marqueasas): John, Rob D, Tammy and Zoe reveal their final four alliance in a reward challenge, then get Pagonged.
3. Survivor 2 (Australia): Colby throws away a guaranteed victory by bringing Tina to the final 2 ahead of Keith,
4. Survivor 11 (Guatemala): Rafe throws away a guaranteed final 2 spot by "releasing" Danni from her promise.
5. Survivor 5 (Thailand): Shook Jai (led by Shii-Ann) conspires to throw an immunity challenge so they can vote out Jed, even though they have an advantage over Chauy Gahn. The 5 Chauy Gahn members that survive to the merge end up being the final 5.

Will Brandon remain at #1? (Spoiler alert: No) Without any further ado here is the all new list of stupid moves.

Top 5 Stupid Moves Ever in Survivor History:

5.(tie) Survivor 11 (Guatemala): Rafe throws away a guaranteed final 2 spot by "releasing" Danni from her promise., Survivor 2 (Australia): Colby throws away a guaranteed victory by bringing Tina to the final 2 ahead of Keith, Survivor 10 (Palau): Ian throws awaya guaranteed victory by quittng the final immunity challenge and forcing Tom to take Katie

These are all being lumped together, even though they aren't quite equal. Rafe might have still lost against Danni by jury vote - that jury wa looking to give Danni the win. With that said, they all are essentially variations on the same idea: Player puts honour ahead of winning Survivor, then shockingly loses. They are dumb moves which lead directly to the players losing, but as I said last time I produced the list, at least there was some sort of other motive driving the decision.

Still makes it pretty stupid though.

4. Survivor 4 (Marqueasas): John, Rob D, Tammy and Zoe reveal their final four alliance in a reward challenge, then get Pagonged.

To repeat myself...

The reward challenge was the traditional trivia game where everybody has three strikes, and if you get a question right, you get to give someone a strike. John, Rob D, Tammy and Zoe chose to eliminate people from the reward challenge IN THE ORDER THEY WERE GOING TO VOTE THEM OUT! Ignoring the effect this would have on the eliminated people's final 2 vote, they did this with 9 people left. Meaning the 5 left saw a pattern. This gave Sean and Vescepia and opening to convince Kathy, Neleh and Paschal to start voting out the evil 4.

(Sure, John would get his revenge on Neleh by refusing to vote for her since she wouldn't admit to being deceitful or something. But he could have been winning the game if he had just thought ahead.)

3. Survivor 20 (Heroes vs. Villains): JT gives the hidden immunity idol to Rusell. JT is vote out after at the next tribal council he goes to.

Yup, after thinking about it, I can come up with two moves that were even more stupid. The problem with JT's move was that it made a lot of assumptons which JT could not know were valid, and that were proven to be false. Between the women's alliance, Russell's willingness to jump ship and that Russell would use the idol at the tribal council before the merge, there was a lot of things that cold have gone wrong, and a lotof warning signs that JT chose to ignore.

What's silly is that it still could have worked out for JT if Amanda didn't talk to Parvati and set off her alarm bell. Without that tipoff, Parvati would have played the idol herself and then it comes down to a 5-5 tie. Instead, Parvati started handing out immunity idols to anybody who ssked for one, and JT was headed home.

The worst part? That wasn't even the stupidest move in this season. That honour belongs to...

2. Survivor 20 (Heroes vs. Villains): Tyson changes his vote to Parvati from Russell, and ends up being voted out instead.

I've read and heard many Tyson interviews, and his explanation for this move is still lacking. He admits it was a brain fart, but he also justifies it by trying to say that he was trying to earn Russell's trust. If he believed Russell's story that Russell was going to vote Parvati, then there was no harm in voting for Russell. If he didn't trust Russell, then vote Russell. Instead, he votes Parvati, and then Parvati played the hidden immunity idol that the Villains knew was in the possession of Russell and they had voted specifically in a manner to negate the Idol's power.

1. Survivor 16 (Micronesia): Erik gives away the immunity necklace to Natalie

Stll the most stunning move ever in Survivor history. It was pretty clear by this point that Erik was going to win any immunity challenge that involved physical effort. So concerned were the women about having to face rik, they came up with a crazy plan: Have Natalie ask for the immunity necklace. Shockingly, it worked, and Erik was voted out.

I can not emphasize that there was no good reason for Erik to give up the necklace. He apparently did it out of a sense of honour, but even then it's not as though Natalie had done anything to earn his trust. Instead, Erik was suckered in by a girl and has paid the price ever since.

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Blogger brendaporter said...

This is a great blog. I agree with all you noted but in my opinion I think JT would rank number one instead because he was stupid enough to write basically a "love letter" to Russell and give the other side ammo. Colby would rank in this stupid move also as he helped set up the delivery of it to Russell. Plus again Colby made a huge blunder by allowing Danielle to have the clue and not reading it first. Of anyone, Colby seems to be the factor in a few really dumb moves lol

Plus also James leaving with an idol in his pocket as well as he had security in his pocket but didn't play it.

Parvati factors in Erik's and JT's moves so that if anything shows how much power she can wield if allowed :)

Great blog!!! Check out mine when you have time at

1:07 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

Brenda thanks for the post and the kind words. It is very much appreciated. I haven't had a chance read a lot of your blog, but what I have read I've enjoyed.

I definitely could have expanded this list to be a top 10 list and include the moves you listed along with others.

I didn't include James' play because he had 2 idols to play with 3 councils to play them in. If he didn't feel as though he was going to go, there was no point to play it. It was a brilliant play to blind side his, that's for sure.

IMO, the Colby/Danielle idol situation had a lot less to do with stupidity and more to do with Colby being mentally done with the game at that point. That he was upset he was being taken away from the movie to mediate the fight kinda proves it. (Though the secret scenes might indicate another reason why Colby sided with Danielle.)

And I can't punish JT for his love letter - he needed to communicate with Russell somehow. Also, I can't bring myself to criticize something that brought me such hilarity. :)

Thanks again for the comment.


7:37 AM  

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