Thursday, April 29, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs Villains Episode 11 Thoughts

The Russell/Parvati alliance has been referred to as Russell being under the charm of Parvati. Tonight's episode did nothing but add fuel to that theory.

Russell acted like a jilted lover today. From his reaction to being out of the loop at the start of the episode to his "I won't share that I have an idol" actions after, Russell acted like a teenager who had just been dumped. Heck, his attempts to add Candice to his alliance could be viewed as a rebound girlfriend.

Parvati played her part well, playing hard to get and at the end, when Russell played the hidden immunity idol that he ultimately did not need, she kicked him when he was down, scalding him for using an idol when it wasn't needed. In the end, they seem to have gotten back together, but you know it's destined for failure.

I do give Russell credit though. He actually used his propensity to tell people that he has an idol to his advantage. By telling/showing Candice that he had an idol, he was able to convince her to flip, as the villains was the side that had the numbers. This insulated him from a possible Sandra flip.

Heck, Sandra played exceptionally well as well. She knew that she was in trouble within her villain alliance, so she attempted to flip. Once she found out that Candice was flipping, she moved back to the villain side, knowing that flipping would only alienate her and probably make her the next target.

Where do the heroes go from here? If they are smart, they will try to divide the villains further and then sneak their way into the top 5 of an alliance. Realistically, they are just going to try to get immunity wins.

Finally, was I the only one who thought Colby was pausing Treasure Island because he wanted to get a better view of the ensuing cat fight between Danielle and Amanda? And why did he declare that the clue was Danielle's instead of saying that everybody should hear the clue for the idol?

Coming up later this week: Power rankings and a review of JT's play with the idol.

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