Monday, May 03, 2010

Monday Musings - May 3, 2010

  • Snooker champion John Higgins is approached to fix a match result. He agrees. Unfortunately, he agrees while being taped by the News of the World:

  • Dan LeBatard has an interesting take on the Dez Bryant/"Hooker question" controversy.

  • Over at the PPP site, Down Goes Brown asks a very interesting question: Should you win an award for your coverage of a story when the main question about the story remains unanswered?

  • Andrew Coyne is not too pleased about the Liberals playing political games with the Governor General position.

  • And just to prove that Coyne isn't a Conservative shill, here is Coyne's thoughts on Prime Minister Harper's "legal obligations" comments.

  • Something I've been reading a few times over: Why I suck at online poker. It's funny, because I believe it's a lot more variance than anything, but at the same time my recent online forays have not worked out well. It would be stupid (if not suicidal for my bankroll) to believe it is exclusively variance.

  • I read this article by John L. Smith about Steve Wynn's ruminations about moving his company to Macau. Then I read this article by Steve Selebius and I was struck of how offended people are about Wynn's blovalations. David McKee has a good take on Wynn's thoughts.

  • In a tangentally related note, MGM Mirage is trying to change their name to MGM Resorts International. There are those who don't like the move, thinking it weakens the brand to remove the Mirage name. I disagree. Before this change, we would still shorten the name to "MGM". The Mirage brand really had very little meaning to the brand of the company, especially when you consider that 90% of the public will only view Mirage as a part of "The Players Club" rewards club. I'm not a huge fan of the full name (MGM Resorts would sound better in my view), but I don't think it's the end of the world. I will conceed that this is probably one of the final "Screw Yous" directed towards Steve Wynn.

  • And finally, Lindsay Lohan takes a picture with a gun; world ends

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