Thursday, October 31, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs. Water Episode 7 Power Rankings

13. Laura B.
KISS strikes again! In this case, it's just the general principle, not the strategy. Why tell Vytas that he's going, and why tell him in front of everybody else? I undertand that Laura is an honest person, and I get her desire to be nice to Vytas, who she felt a connection with. But have some common sense. You saw what your tribe did to Kat, Laura. Why do something that puts the attention on you and your trustworthiness? You aren't the leader of the group, and you were quite content to be a follower. So to take it upon yourself to speak for the tribe was foolish at best, especially with a bunch of veterans of the game. And that's what put you in Redemption Island.

9.  Hayden

This wasn't the best of weeks for Hayden. His girlfriend lost at Redemption Island, and before that desperately wanted him to switch with her. Even after that, Kat built up Hayden, calling him a great guy, saying he had a better chance of winning the game than she did (damning with faint praise, but still) and just basically saying all of his good qualities. If Hayden wasn't on people's radar before, he is now.

But there is a silver lining for him. He seems to have joined the Tyson/Gervase anti-Baskauskas crew. That could carry him very far; if not, he'll have to play a little bit harder and try to ingrain himself into the Baskauskas brothers group.

1.  Vytas

I mean, I want to write a lot about this. I do. But I'm not sure what else is to be said beyond Vytas is a very quick learner. He's playing his brother's game, only with more aplumb. He has his tribe read, and knows what he should say to stay in the game. He also knows that he's going to have to be dishonest, and is willing to do it. He handled being told that he was going home with calm and dignity. Then he got his game on and pushed Galang to where he wanted them to go.

His big hurdle to overcome? The Gervase/Tyson block of votes. Both Baskauskas brothers can not have immunity, so the one that doesn't is the one that will be targetted first.

Overall Rankings:

20. Rupert
19. Colton

18. Rachel
17. Marissa

16. Candice
15. Brad

14. Kat

13. Laura B.
12. Laura M.
11. John
10. Monica
9.  Hayden
8.  Katie
7.  Gervase
6.  Ciera
5.  Caleb
4.  Tyson
3.  Aras
2.  Tina
1.  Vytas

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