Thursday, October 17, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs. Water Episode 5 Thoughts

One thing that Survivor does not get enough credit for is how well they lay out their episodes to drive the story in the current episode, and future stories that will pay off in subsequent episodes. So kudos to the Editors/producers who created this episode. They did a great job in building up everything for this episode and further on.

Let's start with Tadhana. We got the set up for them to actually win this challenge, with us getting to see how poorly they are off. But they also set up a future storyline, with Caleb being the swing vote and seemingly having the power go to his head. We also got insight into Vytas's gameplay and his thinking process.

Meanwhile, at Galang, we had the Laura M. boot set up from the first time we saw them. Laura saying that she felt closest to Aras, and then Aras telling us that he knows what Laura is trying to do, but he's willing to get rid of her if he needs to. Then we get a misdirect of Monica possibly going because of how tight her bond is with Brad. So when Galang loses, we don't know what direction things are going.

After the commercials, we find out. We get the Laura B set up that we all expected, then we get Aras and Laura M talking. Laura M gives a confessional about how much she trusts Aras, and then Aras gives a confessional of how he wants to vote Laura M. out so that she can beat Brad Culpepper at Redemption Island and thus make Monica more valuable to his alliance. Cue Monica reacting to the idea of sending Laura M to Redemption Island and thinking it could be a threat to her husband. We get the last words before voting at tribal council, which are Laura M. telling Laura B. that she doesn't know the sting of having Jeff snuff your torch. And finally, we get Laura M. confidently confiding in the camera as she votes out Laura B that "there is only room for one Laura on this island."

This sets up a giant blind side, with Laura M starting to realize that she is getting the boot after 2 votes, and Kat's reaction of hiding her face, trying to hid her shame in the blindside.

All in all a well laid out episode that paid off this episode, and gave us a bit more for the future.

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