Thursday, October 03, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs. Water Episode 3 Thoughts

Quitters are terrible

We're all agreed that we're done with Colton, right?

I'll admit that I was intrigued with Colton coming back. It had been 2 years since he played last; maybe he had matured and improved his game. Sure enough, I was wrong.

What he said right before Redemption Island was most telling: "Unless you have people who are willing to roll with you, there isn't a lot you can do." As a fan of Survivor, he has to know how wrong he is. If you don't have people who are willing to roll with you, you can't directly control the game. That doesn't mean that you are out of the game, it means that you are not the leader. Heck, it wouldn't be too hard for you to flip on your tribe come the merge, so long as you are willing to be patient, and put your faith in others. That, ultimately, was Colton's downfall.

He had one way of playing - bullying people and getting his way. When he met resistance to that, he decided to quit instead of adapting. That's a sign of the immaturity that he had during One World, and continued on to here. It's a sign of a desperate person who doesn't have the acumen to adapt, to

Colton hasn't grown. He hasn't truly reflected on his One World experience and figured out how to better himself from it (superficial changes to any bigotry he might have demonstrated in the past aside.) He's still the same spoiled brat who can't handle when things do not go his way, and would rather remove himself from a difficult situation than try to fight throw it, even if fighting throw it means failure. Colton doesn't want to fail above all else; he doesn't want to have to confront knowing that his best wasn't good enough during this game. He'd rather leave believing a lie, that he is a good strategist in the game of Survivor, then to have it proven wrong and have to learn from it.

If he gets cast again on Survivor, then CBS or the executive producers have made a huge mistake. Colton doesn't deserve another chance; he's proven that he doesn't respect the game or himself enough to have the honour to play again.

(FWIW, Jeff Probst handled this as he had to. If he wanted to continue to hold the respect of the audience and continue to be their voice in the game, he had to lay into Colton as he did.)

And with the negative out of the way...

The stupidest blind side ever?

That isn't as crazy as it sounds.  What purpose did blind siding John serve? It weakened the tribe due to the fear that John has an immunity idol. How does that make sense?

I get how it makes sense for Cierra as she was blatently told that she would be voted out if John wasn't. If I stretch, I can understand why it would make sense for Katie. By voting out John, she can put an emphasis on Brad next should they fail. That would protect her (and Cierra.) But Hayden and Vytas? It makes no sense for them. They had a solid 5 person alliance. And now their alliance is 4, they've pissed off two people at Redemption Island who are most likely to return and they made their tribe significantly weaker.  Bravo gents.

Really, Tadhana is following the same path as the fans from last season, and could use some sort of tribal switch to happen soon. Otherwise, they are going to remain an also ran in challenges and they will continue to get picked off one by one, until a merge comes and they get destroyed by the returning players.

Tadhana, you had a chance to see what happened to the fans last year when they played the game to keep one player's game strong. That person got to the end and then lost, but everybody else lost, and lost horribly. You still have time to stop this, but you need to unite against your common cause (in this case, Brad.) Thus far, we have not seen anything that would indicate they are capableo f switching mid-stream.

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