Thursday, October 03, 2013

Survivor: Blood vs. Water Episode 3 Power Rankings

10. Brad
It is amazing to hear Hayden and John discuss Brad, as though they were brainwashed by him. They called him a great team builder, but, uh, they haven't won a challenge yet. This carried over to tribal council, where Hayden willingly jumped off the cliff to support Brad's plan to further Brad's game.

But Brad didn't think things through enough. By targetting John, he eliminated a shield and painted a target on himself. What happens next week if Tadhana loses immunity again? They'll start looking around and realize that Brad has intentionally been weakening his tribe in order to simply strengthen his position. That would make Brad an easy target.

Not only that, but Brad just pissed off somebody who's likely to come back from Redemption Island in John, but also the person who has won each Redemption Island challenge thus far in Candice. Add to that the general hatred that Galang has for Brad, and he's basically a dead man walking at this point. His best bet would be to go to Redemption Island and chill out for a while and then win his way back. At the same time, he needs to change his personality to be more humble, and more deferential. Without that deference, he won't be trusted enough to stay in the game.

6. Tyson

It was an eventful week for Tyson. He lost his girlfriend at Redemption Island, he put Brad on notice that he was going to be a target should a swap or merge happen, and he hurt his shoulder in a challenge.

That hurt shoulder is going to be a problem for Tyson, but maybe not as much as you would think. We saw in Heroes vs. Villains the Heroes decide to keep James, who had a mangled knee over Tom, who was completely healthy but was out of favour in his tribe. Tyson is in a strong alliance right now. Unless that alliance feels as though they are in trouble going forward in challenges, they will stay with Tyson. And should he make a merge? That shoulder injury is going to take away the bigger targets on his back. There are going to be bigger immunity threats to get rid of, and it might be enough to carry Tyson to final tribal.

3. Vytas
1. Aras

Aras always comes across as a calm, cool and collected person. He owns a business, and is always willing to help somebody out, to offer encouraging words, and to want serenity around him. That made his desire to beat his brother Vytas even more startling.  But his explanation made sense - Vytas was the bully of the brothers, the one who was willing to torture his little brother. What made it interesting was the juxtaposition with Vytas's view of the rivalry between the brothers.

Vytas wanted to win as well, but for different reasons. He wanted to prove that he wasn't a screw up, and that he was just as good as Aras. His brother was the athlete in college; the one who had his life together. Vytas was the junkie, and this competition was his opportunity to show that he was as good as his brother.

The battle itself seemed like it was scripted by Vince McMahon. The brother looking to avenge himself against his bully brother (Aras) had the upper hand, but the other brother (Vytas) was stubbornly holding on. Aras told his brother to reset, so they could continue to have an honorable battle, one that should Aras win, would prove his superiority to his bully brother. But Vytas had a trick up his sleeve, and lived up to the sneaky, bully label that Aras gave him. Vytas attacked Aras instead of resetting like Aras offered. But Aras battled back, and eventually knocked Vytas from the floating surface and Aras won the game.

In this microcosm, we got to see what the Aras/Vytas rivalry was based on, and why Aras would come back. Aras didn't have to prove that he was a great Survivor player; his victory had already shown that. But Aras did have to prove that he could beat his brother. The immunity challenge on tonight's show was a giant step to proving this.

Overall Rankings

20. Rupert
19. Colton
18. Rachel

17. Marissa
16. Candice
15. John
14. Laura B.
13. Laura M.
12. Kat
11. Katie
10. Brad
9.  Caleb
8.  Gervasce
7.  Ciera
6.  Tyson
5.  Hayden
4.  Monica
3.  Vytas
2.  Tina
1.  Aras

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