Thursday, May 13, 2010

The fine line between class and racy

There is a controversy brewing with the Miss USA pageant. Some contestants took photos in lingerie, and there is now questions whether that was too racy for the pageant.

Just to clarify, people are wondering whether lingerie pictures are too obscene for a competition which judges women on how good they look in an evening gown and A SWIMSUIT!

To quote Doug Elfman:
The media can't stop themselves from acting like a bunch of fake-prude ninnies. The New York Daily News posted this judgmental headline, "Miss USA pageant officials are under fire for posting 'risque' lingerie photos of 2010 contestants."

Then, under that headline, the Daily News posted the photos.

I swear, news people like to pretend they are classier than the things they do. Me? I'm classy. But I don't pretend to be offended by pageant contestants in lingerie.

(Here's the link to his post. As Doug says, "everyone likes looking at hot girls in lingerie, the end.")

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