Thursday, December 01, 2011

Survivor: South Pacific Episode 12 Power Rankings


8. Cochran (Last week: 8)

This is how the biggest Survivor fan goes out? Begging for another three days because it's his birthday and he feels that he is owed something by Upolu. Somehow, it is a fitting end for a character that seems to have so much potential.

Touched by the Hand of God

7. Ozzy (Last week: 7)

Bold prediction time: If Ozzy is allowed to get to final tribal council, he has the game locked up. (cf. Fabio)

Blue Monday

6. Edna (Last week: 5)

Edna's only chance to win is if she pulls off an incredible move or to become a challenge beast. If she does that, she will win.

(Since she won't do that, it's a matter of when she is going to get eliminated. With any luck, she will continue to drop bombs into the alliance of five to set up dissention in the ranks.)


5. Rick (Last week: 6)

I don't believe that Rick knew what was going on behind the scenes until tribal council. And I get a feeling that he doesn't care either - he's willing to ride along until he makes it to final three or he is in trouble. But if he gives us a set up like "That's why they call him Prince Albert" again, I don't really care.


4. Brandon (Last week: 4)

Brandon's performances at triball council are always noteworthy, if only because he feels a need to be completely honest with everybody. It makes for pure entertainment as people see their plans get revealed to the world, and the awkward situations that it creates. But if you are looking at it from a gameplay perspective, Brandon is just turrble.


3. Albert (Last week: 3)

One constant we have seen is Albert looking to make a move, only to then take a step back when it's clear that the move is not going to work. At some point this will come back to haunt him, and he will have to parry attacks coming from all sides.

State of the Nation

2. Sophie (Last week: 2)

Sophie certainly is confident. Her performance at Tribal Council showed an unflapability which can only come from a comfort in where you perceive your game stands. That will serve her well when the inevitable conflict arises.

True Faith

1. Coach (Last week: 1)

I am still amazed that Coach has been able to hold control over his tribe for so long, even after everybody has seen what Boston Rob did last season. You get the impression that Albert wants to make a move on Coach, but Albert knows that if he does and fails, then it's Albert's game who is going to end.

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