Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Survivor: South Pacific Episode 5 Live Thoughts

While I understand why Coach is concerned about being fingered as the leader of his tribe, I'm not sure why everybody else on his tribe was so concerned about this being revealed. I get Albert being angry about being put out as a ringleader, but why is everybody concerned about Coach being revealed? If anything, it's an advantage to have somebody else being the target - it gives you an opportunity to play and improve your situation!

I AM FLIP-FLOPPING ON ELYSE! FLIP-FLOPPING! Following Ozzy's lead, mocking Cochran? Not good for your situation.

I AM FLIP-FLOPPING ON OZZY! Get rid of yoru right hand man pre-merge? WTF? Jim rightly jumps on this as a selling point for Keith to get rid of Elyse (though why not just vote Ozzy out?)

I actually like Albert's move to share it with Sophie and Coach - both are likely to reciprocate his trust, and it further solidifies their alliance.

And hey, how about the new idol rules working like they wanted?

Oh god, they're now referring to Cochran as Cochran on the names at the bottom of the screen.

Ozzy does make a point about fishing taking a lot of someone. With that said, Cochran is also right to say not to too cocky Ozzy.

What is up with Jim's open mouth chewing pantomime?

I have no clue what the best strategy would be to get as much meat off the pig. Small bites and fill up your mouth?

Oh god the in basket camera shot is the most horrifici thing I have seen on Survivor?

Wait, why couldn't Ozzy carry the entire pig with him?

I should have seen that result coming - with Jeff's build up about how these tribes are the closest matched ever, a win by 2 oz, makes sense.

And who really would want to eat the meat that had been transported to the basket?

Every time I think things are in place, Cochran starts opening his mouth about getting oral herpes from that challenge. Come on Cochran, get yoru head in the game. Stop saying stupid things.

Jim worked Keith, uh, not so strong. Then Keith comes up with the other issue - is causing Ozzy to not trust them worth splitting up Elyse and Ozzy?

More importantly, why can't they vote Cochran, then vote Elyse afterwards? This feels like a play that should come closer to the merge.

Cochran making light of the injuries is not good. Then Jeff nails him with the constant Cochran narrative and obsessing point. Not a good time for the Cochran rally.

I'm shocked tha Jim of all people is the one with the awareness to know that voting somebody out, even if strategic, hurts.

I'm predicting Cochran gets voted out 4-3.

("Coch-train"? How did that make it to air?)

Well Keith, you and Whitney are now the power couple with a brilliant play. Elyse getting voted out 3-2-2 is madness.

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