Thursday, October 20, 2011

Survivor: South Pacific Episode 6 Power Rankings

I don't know how you do it

14. Christine (Last Rank: 15)

Who knew that Christine would end up being the Matt of this season? I mean, she's only going to end up coming back into the game in an okay position if Upolu and Savaii are close numbers. But at the same time, she's still an easy out for both teams should they desire.

13. Mikayla (Last Rank: 6)

I still don't understand how she's on Redemption Island - that Rick could not see that Edna's only value is to Coach is disappointing. Loyalty is important - however, loyalty to the fringes of your alliance is futile.

Feeling a bit warm under your seat?

12. Brandon (Last Rank: 14)

I can't criticize Brandon's game play any more; it is awful, but we all know it's awful. He's playing the game his way, which is fine. Just don't expect him to have a coherent strategy.

11. Cochran (Last Rank: 12)

Cochran better hope that Jim can save him from getting voted out if Savaii loses another challenge.

10. Edna (Last Rank: 11)

Edna is the next to go if Brandon doesn't. Period.

9. Rick (Last Rank: 9)

As I mentioned above, voting out of loyalty to a non-core member of your alliance is just dumb.

8. Coach (Last Rank: 10)

The bad Coach showed up this episode. The one that was bossy, controlling and transparent in his intentions. This is going to kill any chance he has to win his game.

7. Dawn (Last Rank: 12)

Her story is ultimately going to stop her from being able to win the game. Nobody is going to want to bring her to the end.

6. Ozzy (Last Rank: 4)

Ozzy caved far too soon on the free agent angle. He could have played it to not be voted out next tribal without using his idol. But that would have involved him having to think of a bit more subtle strategy.

5. Albert (Last Rank: 5)

Albert is in an awkward spot - he is second in command to Coach, but his name is out there as a target. If he makes it to the end, he has to somehow show that he was running the show, not Coach. That is a giant mountain to climb.

4. Sophie (Last Rank: 8)

The biggest jump - she is perfectly positioned right now in multiple ways. She can be the "safe" vote in a final tribal council where everybody hatest eh other competitors. She can orchestrate a mutiny if she feels it necessary. She has a lot of options, many of which she does not need to explore for a while.

3. Whitney (Last Rank: 2)
2. Keithe (Last Rank: 1)

The power couple needs to worry about the Jim/Cochran/Dawn alliance making a move to break them up. There is a chance that Savaii will try to break up that couple just before any potential merge.

1. Jim (Last Rank: 7)

Welcome back Jim. Your shifting of alliances has left you running the show. So long as it doesn't go to your head, you could ride this very far.

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