Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Survivor: South Pacific Episode 12 Thoughts

For all of the expectations coming into this season, the one that was most turned on it's head was Coach failing again. No one expected Coach to turn into an inspirational leader who nobody wanted to turn on. And yet, here we are.

Coach's position can not be overstated here - this episode saw him be in a leadership position and somehow also end up being the swing vote between his current alliance and a new alliance of Albert, Cochran and Edna. The risk that he faced was destroying his end game.

On one hand, Coach could continue with his current alliance. It is the safe play by far. However, it also eliminates two players who are highly desireable to be sitting with you in the end of the game. And it also pisses off two people who have been blatently told they are going to be voted out 6 and 7, and they are not going to have a chance to make a change.

On the other hand, Coach could flip and create a final four alliance with Albert, Cochran and Edna. This sets up an obvious play of voting out Albert at 4, and getting the almost dream final three with Edna and Cochran. (The only better final three would involve Cochran and Brandon.)

Ultimately, Coach stuck with his alliance for one reason: To flip on his alliance could be death to his chances to win. If he flips, he would have pissed off 4 jury members (the members of Upolu that he sent to the jury.) His only chance would be to win over the 5 Savaii members on the jury, and that might have been a difficult sell. So it was better for him to stick with the plan and not risk cutting himself off from 4 potential votes.

Blindsides and alliance switching might be more exciting for us viewers, but it isn't always in the best interests of the players.

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