Monday, November 28, 2011

Survivor: South Pacific Final 7 (10) Power Rankings

With the home stretch upon us, it's time to set up the remaining players for their chances of winning the game.

Long road ahead

10. Whitney
9. Dawn

It's tough when you are on Redemption Island, and you know that your only chance to win this game is to basically win out, and your first challenge is against one of the greatest challenge competitors in the history of Survivor. If they can get back into the game and somehow work their way into the final three, they will win. But those chances are very long.

Sorry, you still stand no chance

8. Cochran

I've already given my thoughts on Cochran's switch too many times to count. But after another 4 vote outs, it is obvious that Cochran can not win this game. Savaii are still pissed at him, and barring the other two members of the final three literally urinating on them during final tribal, Cochran can not win.

(And that's why his decision to not go to rocks was so infuriating. But it's not worth rehashing that argument.)

The absolute wild card

7. Ozzy

His path is the same as Whitney and Dawn's, with one difference - he's done it before at Cook Islands. This is obviously the scenario that Mark Burnett et al were imagining when they came up with Redemption Island and allowing Rob to return. We'll see if it will play out how they imagined it when they came up with this infernal twist.

Following Brett's path

6. Rick

How exactly does a Texan with a mustache like that get lost in the shuffle? I mean, his only contribution to this season is this:

It makes for a great gif, but not a winning season.


5. Edna

She is only ranked this high because there is a chance she can make the final three, and might not have upset that many people on the jury. Those votes have to land somewhere, and why not land on the inoffensive woman who was carried.

Do not consider this an endorsement

4. Brandon

He ranks this high because he's going to the final three. I doubt he's going to win, but his redemption story could bring in the votes.

(Really, I'm stretching here, but there is a definite divide between the true contenders and the pretenders.)

Overthinking things

3. Albert

The first true contender to win, Albert has done a good job in bringing attention to his attempts to change the game. And even failing at those attempts don't mean anything; heck, it won Sandra the game. But at the same time it has the attention of his tribemates, who might not appreciate somebody rocking the Upolu boat. If Cochran doesn't go this tribal council, there is a good chance it will be Albert. But if he does stay, his efforts to change the game might actually bear out a positive effect, and win him the game.

The silent assassin

2. Sophie

If she is allowed to make the final tribal council, she will win. She hasn't actively pissed anybody off, she has played a pretty strong strategic game, and she has won individual immunity at least twice. So the question is how will she be eliminated?

Don't call me Benjamin, call me champ

1. Coach

Coach has set himself up to be in the final three with many different pairings. And in many of them, he's set up to be the good guy of the final three, the person that everybody else will feel they have to argue against, instead of making their own positive arguments. Realistically, if he makes the final three the only way he loses is if he brings back Coach 1.0 for final tribal.

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