Thursday, March 17, 2011

Survivor: Redemption Island Power Rankings - Week 5

Alright, time for something new here: weekly power rankings for the current season! These rankings are based on who I feel is in the best position to make final tribal/win the season.

Needs a lot of help

15. Krista

Facing the king of Redemption Island, and facing a tribe who doesn't like her, and another who could view her as a loose cannon, it will be very difficult for her to get anywhere close to the final tribal.

14. Matt

If anything, his running of the Redemption Island table is going to hurt him. He's put a "challenge threat" target on his back, so if he goes back, people are really going to think twice about letting him get a pass the first time he doesn't win immunity.

The Crazy House

13. Phillip

I was shocked that Phillip was showing a strategic side this week. But even still, he annoys his own tribe and has only made a connection with Andrea (sorry, anDREa.) He's in a very poor spot. Even if he makes the merge, he's going to be an easy out at some point.

Scrappy Doo

12. Stephanie

She's put herself in an interesting spot if she can make the merge by offering up her vote to the other tribe. The problem is that she has to make it to the merge. She is the next one to go should her tribe lose, and her tribe has shown a willingness to throw challenges. They might just drop her if they feel uncomfortable with her going into the merge.

Making the wrong kind of waves

11. Sarita
10. Steve

Both were quick to question other tribe mates after their failure at the challenge. Both made poor decisions prior to the challenge which others can look back at and call questionable. And in Sarita's case, she questioned the one person on her tribe that is likely to hold a grudge. They're headed to be the first ones out from their alliance.

No really, we're here

9. Ashley
8. Natalie
7. Andrea

All three are a part of the Omatepe five alliance. And yet I'd guess they are going to end up being 3-4-5 in that alliance. I realize that Rob essentially declared Natalie to by his Amber this season, but he seems to have found a new partner (more on that later). They are completely safe until their alliance has to start eating their own. Andrea gets ahead because she's realized this and is at least trying to figure out how to get out of this.

Three and four is better than five and six

6. Ralph
5. Julie

I think both haven't given enough thought to their lot in their tribe. Ralph likely thinks that his immunity idol will save him from getting voted out, even though everybody knows he has it and will gun to try to blindside him. (Yay more vote splitting!) Julie had her chance to advance her spot in the tribe by shifting to Russell. She chose to stay in her alliance for stability purposes, which is fine, but she needs to smarten up to her being in the bottom of that alliance.

Too smart for his own good

4. David

David is most likely to go rouge on his tribe. Whether it's going to be out of anger (most likely) or out of a desire to show how smart he is/how dumb his alliance is (also a possibility), he is going to do it. And it will put him in a better spot. But it will probably cost him a chance to win the money.

Not smart enough for his own good

3. Mike

Mike is a huge threat physically, but he seems more concerned with keeping everybody happy instead of actually forming a strategy in case his tribe continues to lose. Of course, he's not actively annoying anybody, nor is he plotting against anyone. It's a strong possibility that he will be viewed as a strong pawn, a la Chase last year.

The power couple

2. Rob
1. Grant

Rob has found his new number two in Grant. Grant is loyal to him, but is also enough of a threat that Rob can deflect a bit of his heat to him. So why is Grant ahead of Rob? Because even if Rob makes the final tribal, he faces a long road ahead to convince people that he deserves the million dollars.

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