Saturday, April 17, 2010

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains Episode 9 Thoughts

Really quick list of thoughts for the show this week:

  • Figures that the Villains would win the Reward challenge, though they basically had autowins with Courtney and Rupert/Colby on the other side.

  • Pavarti finding the immunity idol and not telling Russell is smart, though if he finds out about it he's going to do something about it (ie get rid of her when she's not expecting.)

  • I'm not sure which move was actually dumber - JT giving Russell the immunity idol, or Russell running to tell Parvati. JT was screwed in a sense; having the immunity idol and everybody on your tribe knowing it is bad if somebody flips and yu don't know to play it. Given how JT has played, I could see somebody (Amanda) flipping in order to get rid of him. With that said, the plan was well thought out if every assumption the Heroes made is true. The issue is that you are assuming that the people who were assigned to the Villain tribe are actually telling you the truth. Which is a huge mistake.

  • With that said, Russell telling Parvati was pretty dumb as well. I understand that this season's version of Russell seems to be all about trust, but still, having the immunity idol in your back pocket is something that is a strong backup plan should anything (like Sandra trying to flip to the Heroes) go wrong.

  • On the bright side, Russell telling Parvati gives us a fantastic scene where they read JT's letter out loud.

  • I understand the theory that you want to prevent somebody on your tribe from flipping, so Sandra or Courtney is the target, but, um, Sandra's won the game. She's a bigger threat than Courtney. Get rid of her while you've got a chance.

  • Finally, without comment:

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