Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Survivor: Fiji Episode 9 Thoughts

I hereby declare that Michelle Yi gets to slap Jeff Probst one time at a time of her choosing.

(If you do not get the reference, you need to watch more How I Met Your Mother.)

Seriously, what is the point of setting up two teams after a merge and then sending one team to Tribal Council immediately to vote someone out when Jeff Probst goes overboard on his "probing questions", basically allowing Alex to state who he is targetting for voting? This was not Jeff's shining moment.

The sad part is that they did a lot ot mess up the strategy of the players. From the merge on Exile Island to the return to Moto's camp which had been stripped of everything, to the random tribes, everything went so well. Then they throw it away by asking leading questions to havepeople reveal who they are voting for.

My guess is that this has just delayed the inevitable meltdown of the Alex/Eduardo/Dreamz/Mookie alliance. What am I basing this on? The preview, of course. Mookie told Dreamz about having the immunity idol this week, but next week he's giving Dreamz trouble about the way he voted (to eliminate Michelle). Dreamz then tells the Earl team about who has the immunity idol. And the title for this week's episode? "It's a Turtle?!" The immunity idol is a turtle. You think it gets revealed in some way (or used?) and this is the reaction fo somebody who is outside of the loop (hello Stacy)?

So, who is the lucky loser to be sent to the jury this week? I'm going with Alex getting blindsided. Mookie will think that he is in danger and will play the immunity idol. But it will be just a ploy to get rid of the actual target - Alex, with Dreamz flipping sides to join Earl/Yao Man/Cassandra/Stacy.

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