Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Survivor: Fiji Episode 6 Thoughts

Dear Mark Burnett and Jeff Probst,

I apologize for ever doubting you.


Okay, they basically just manipulated the game to stop the inevitable from occurring. But it made Lisi look like a complete idiot, which is always a good thing. We get a full on emergence of Earl as a mastermind. And the challenge was brilliant.

It was amusing to see the all-man tribe lose, even though they were specifically picked to be the strongest and continue to win. Maybe this caused Rocky to go completely into whiny little punk mode, I don't know. But I do know that the fun will begin next week when Rocky meets Lisi.

Speaking of Lisi, um, what the hell was that? The first sign of things not going your way, and you fold like an accordian? Jeff was so great during that incident, digging at Lisi in many different ways. As well all know, he despises quitters. And I think he was poking at her to see if she really wanted to quit. (I think he had some frustration to get out.) Her retrospection on Exile Island was funny, because you have to think that she was considering that she had probably thrown her game completely away.

Who goes next week? I'm going with Lisi. We all know that Rocky likes men. As compared to women. I mean to hang out with. As tribemates. And if anything, his tribe does not like peole who don't appear to want to be in the game, which Lisi left no doubt about the last time everybody saw her.

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