Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Survivor: Fiji Episode 8 Thoughts

Let's make this brief (since I'm off schedule).

Yao Man is the greatest thing that could have happened to this season. There is no argument - the season went from cruise control to "what will Yao Man do next?" and the man delivers! If I can go further, he is going to be the most beloved player in Survivor history, including over Rupert (who I only remember for the opening episode; someday I will get the Pearl Islands set and watch that season again).

Lisi, OTOH, is one of the worst things that could have happened to this season. It really only turned around once she started her "I'm quitting, no I'm not" act (if only for Jeff's mockery of it, along with the subsequent mockery that the rest of the work got to join in on). And she did bring us one of the most enjoyable Tribal Councils in recent memory, with Dreamz not only battling for his spot in the game, but utterly destorying Lisi at the same time. His best line was at the end though. "Jeff, I'm ready to vote" put the cap on a tour de force of making sure you stay (or at the very least make everybody else feel foolish for voting you off).

Who goes this week? Well, it depends. If it's a team immunity challenge, then I'm going with Mookie, who gets the boot only because individual immunity challenges are coming up. If it's individual immunity, then it's bye-bye time for Alex to go. His strength will be too much for people to ignore.

(In an unrelated note, you might have noticed a post on a previous entry about the SurvivorWiki project. Like you, I took it to be just another spam message and ignored. As it turns out, it is officially endorsed by CBS, linked to off of the main Survivor: Fiji page, and is now housed on a CBS domain. Jonathan Penner from last season is answering questions, apparently along with Bob-Dawg. So maybe I was wrong.)

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