Monday, April 02, 2007

Survivor: Fiji Episode 7 Thoughts

What a fantastic contrast of characters in this episode.

On one hand you had Rocky, he who never learned his lesson. Openly mocking your teammates for eating too much after a victory (especially when it is your first victory in the game)? Way to shoot yourself in the foot there, champ. So after the predictable Ravu loss, Rocky thought he was cool, and Lisi was going. But Lisi was willing to work to save herself, and had the advantage of coming into the tribe after Rocky had his first blowup. Combine that with Eduardo's manueverings and you had Rocky surprised at taking the walk of shame. Unfortunately, Jeff revealed that Rocky was the first member of the jury, so we will see him week after week (on the plus side, his question could be fantastic).

But at the other group, we get our hero of the season. Yao Man is arguably the most popular Survivor since Rupert, and this week he did not disappoint. First, he finds the immunity idol and celebrates. Then, he tells Earl matter of factly that the mission had been accomplished. And finally, he comes up with a plan that nobody had come up with to that point - creating a fake Immunity Idol. Now granted, the fake Idol looked a lot more like Wilson than an immunity idol, but who knows? Maybe the "II" (for immunity idol) on the fake idol will trick somebody.

This also gave us a chance to take see Earl in action. He got everybody away from the camp so Yao Man could look for the idol, but did it in a way that did not bring any questions to him or Yao Man. If they aren't careful, this could be the final two.

Who goes this week? Lisi bought herself one week, but I'm afraid that will be it for her. She is still firmly on the outside of Ravu, and the most vulnerable.

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