Friday, March 31, 2006

Random baseball notes

Baseball will investigate steroids in its game.  While it's mostly for show, Ken Rosenthal (aka RoboThal) makes a strong point - MLB should look forward, not into the past. 

The public at large would accept MLB saying "We had a steroid problem.  We are now doing testing, but we acknowledge that more needs to be done.  We are going to help fund research to get better testing.  We are going to fund programs to reach out to young amateur players who are the future major league players.  And we are going to do everything we can to ensure that Performance Enhancing Drugs no longer have a home in baseball."  Heck, it might even work.  But dredging up the past isn't going to help anybody, especially since it will be likely that MLB can not punish anybody for their misdeeds prior to 2004.


One prominent baseball marriage is ending, but another has just begun.


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