Friday, March 24, 2006

Who else wants some?

Andrew Coyne is a bit frustrated:

I take it we will hear no more about "the fiscal imbalance." Well, the provinces may well attempt to preserve the facade, holding out a beggarly hand even after this riotous display of excess. Humbug, after all, is what these people do.

But there is no way the new federal government can possibly pay them any heed. Not any more. Not after this. The Conservative love affair with the provinces -- all that rot about how they were "closer to the people," all that sympathetic clucking over the terrible privations forced upon them by those reckless spendthrifts in distant "Ottawa" -- has just ceased. Or must, if they wish to be taken seriously.

Three provinces, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec, have brought forth budgets in the past 48 hours that, differ as they may in the detail, present a uniform picture of unprecedented provincial wealth, wealth so great that finance ministers were forced to some considerable lengths to find ways to spend it.

The entire column is here. It is great read – spot on as well.

(h/t: Wells)


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