Thursday, March 23, 2006

Creative interpretation of numbers

Paul Hunter in today's Star (bolding added by me):

      Quinn will never abandon an emphasis on smart defence, but given that Mikael Tellqvist is giving Toronto superior goaltending compared to the Montreal duo of Cristobal Huet and David Aebischer, trading chances with the Habs might not be a bad strategy.

Goaltending statistics:

Mikael Tellqvist:  22 GP, 19 GS, 1219 Minutes, 2.76 GAA, 542 Saves, 0.906 Sv%, 2 SO
Cristobel Huet:  27 GP, 24 GS, 1563 Minutes, 2.27 GAA, 735 0.926 Sv%, 5 SO

I'll leave the smart defence line alone - that's far too easy to make fun of.


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