Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Obviously a part of the Department of Pastries

From Larry Millson's article on A.J. Burnett:

    "He also was known as the Marlins' Minister of Pies. He was the one who would shove a pie of shaving cream into the face of a teammate who had contributed to a victory and was being interviewed on TV after a game."

Good thing.  The Jays were pretty lacking last year in their shaving cream pie dishing out.
And from Jeff Blair's article, this made me laugh:

    Burnett called Arnsberg at 9:30 a.m. on Monday to inform him of his decision. At first, he made it sound like he was going to the St. Louis Cardinals, another suitor. Arnsberg told him he was "making a mistake," and that he "felt used."

    "Turns out I got punked," Arnsberg said.

It's not so much the joke that A.J. played on Arnsberg, it's more Arnsberg knowing what "Punk'd" is.  The image of Arnsberg watching MTV and saying "Oh that Ashton Kutcher, he got Mila Kunis but good!" is a bit bizarre.


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