Saturday, January 01, 2011

UFC 125 Predictions

(1/01/11 9:25pm Note: For whatever reason, this post was posted with a date of 1/1/01, which meant that you would have had to look for it to find it. I present it unmodified - after this note, of course.)

Well, I'm going to make myself look like a fool again, and try to predict the outcomes fo fights on UFC 125 - Who's really watching this? I'll also throw in some thoeretical wagers from my friends at, just to show how easy it is to lose money. Without any further ado, let's start with the predictions:

Antonio Mckee over Jacob Volkmann

McKee has done everything asked by the UFC in order to get a contract - specifically show that he can finish people. He isn't going to blow this by losing, even if it means reverting to his old boring self.

Daniel Roberts over Greg Soto

Solely because of Roberts' victory with the Anaconda Choke in his last fight.

Mike Brown over Diego Nunes

Brown will want to get onto the UFC card, and try to make himself relevant in the Featherweight division once again.

Brad Tavares over Phil Baroni

Phil Baroni is an incredibly entertaining person on interviews. Unfortunately, I think he's done as a fighter.

Jeremy Stephens over Marcus Davis

More of a personal choice as I've turned into a Davis non-fan. Honestly, there's not too much to choose from here - both are fighting to keep their UFC contract, but both have been at best inconsistent in their last 5 fights.

Josh Grispi over Dustin Poirier

Grispi does not want to lose his title shot.

Clay Guida over Takanori Gomi

Really, the winners here are the fans. This should be a fantastic battle of two men who don't know much beyond go, go, go. Guida has the edge as he seems to have reinvigorated by joining Greg Jackson's camp.

Nate Diaz over Dong Hyun Kim

I like Kim a lot; however I've learned that Diaz tends to make me look like a fool when I pick against him.

Thiago Silva over Brandon Vera

Silva almost beat Rashad Evans; Vera was destroyed by Jon Jones. Need I say more? (Okay, Vera talks about his skill a lot, but doesn't like to show it very often.)

Chris Leben over Brian Stann

Leben star is on the rise after his June 2010 performance - with 2 wins in 2 weeks. Stann hasn't fared as well when challenged by good competition. I'll choose Leben.

Grey Maynard over Frankie Edgar

The only way Edgar wins is if Maynard decides to throw away his strength of wrestling to stand and fight with Edgar. I just don't see that happening.

Bets: $20 on Maynard to win (1.65) - Payout $33.
$20 on Thiago Silva to win (1.65) - Payout $33
$20 on Antonio McKee to win (1.45) - Payout $29

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