Thursday, December 09, 2010

Survivor: Nicaragua Episode 13 Thoughts

I wasn't watching Survivor in real time - I'm packing to head to UFC 124. So when I got a text from Matty P saying "Chase is a moron", I was wondering what was up. Once I started watching the show and saw Sash and Chase discuss who was going to be going to on the next reward, I knew what was going to happen. Sure enough, Chase won reward and was able to bring two players along. He chose Holly for obvious reasons, but he then chose Jane because he wanted to be the next Nurse John. I mean, that's the only reason why I could imagine making such a bone headed move, to not only snub swing vote Sash, but also leave swing vote Sash alone with your competing alliance!

And yet, Sash remained loyal to the Chase/Jane/Holly alliance, and managed to draw everybody's attention to voting out either Benry or Fabio. In the meantime, he also got the Benry/Fabio/Dan alliance to disintegrate in spectacular fashion, with neither really knowing it was happening. As well, I think Sash realizes that his best chance to win is to avoid going to the final three/two with Benry or Fabio, as those would be difficult players to defeat. But a Holly/Chase final three? That wouldn't be that bad, and if it's a Holly/Dan final three? Even better.

With this and the emphasis of how Sash lost the most last episode, I'm beginning to wonder if we aren't watching the story of how Sash became Survivor champion. After the last two seasons, the show could use a player who deserves to win based on his (or her) game play, and I think that Jane or Holly won't be acceptable in that sense. Fabio is probably the most likeable winner, but that doesn't give him the "great player" aura. Sash though, he's been shown to be dominating the game, and yet rally from a poor position to give himself another shot at winning. It's a good story that people can get behind.

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