Thursday, April 25, 2013

Survivor: Caramoan Episode 11 Power Rankings

8. Eddie

Eddie only goes as far as immunity wins will carry him. So unless he wins out, he will be gone. It does not look good for Eddie.

7. Reynold

In the same boat as Eddie, only I think Reynold stands a better chance in final tribal if only because he has been more "active" in the game front. As well, he's shown himself to be a bit more proficient in challenges.

6. Sherri

think that Sherri made the right choice to stay with Stealth R Us. The Three Amigos are incredibly tight, so barring a final 4 immunity win, she'd end up out at 4. Stealth R Us are actually at a point where they will probably break into a faction war, and she could actually be a pivotal player in that war. Throw in that she could make final th ree from it, and it seems like a clear cut move.

5. Brenda

I'll be honest. The editors got me for a minute. I thought that Brenda's increased presence in the episode, and her failure at the Auction caused me to think it was going to be her getting voted out due to some sort of bamboozling. Instead, she looks like she's going to figure into this Stealth R Us rupture, either by being the first victim, or by creating a counter group.

4. Dawn

Another thing I was wrong about: I thought that Dawn was going to hold it together when she realized that she didn't have the $20 to buy a letter from home due to her over anxious bidding on a whole chicken. She seemed like she knew she messed up, but had already accepted that as a fact.

Then...waterworks. I don't think she will ever change, and that's a good thing. It makes her a more compelling person to watch.

(Malcolm's reaction was also fun: "I'm not crying, but I feel the way they feel." Of course you do bro, of course you do.)

3. Andrea

Andrea and Cochran appear to be the brains of the operation. With that said, her paranoia is going to get the best of her. If it was her thought that Malcolm had the idol so they needed to split the vote, well that was just goofy. You have two other targets available to you - Reynold and Eddie. Vote one of them out for crying out loud. Rule 1 of Survivor play: Keep it Simple, Stupid. Splitting votes complicates the issue, and it is very easy to mess up. We almost saw it this week, but luckily for Stealth R Us, nobody felt comfortable jumping.

I was amused by her following around of Malcolm though. It was an interesting way to make sure that Malcolm didn't find the idol without her knowing (even if she just ignored that plan later and assumed he had the idol.)

2. Erik

His "No strategy" strategy seems to have put him in a position where he seems like the most likely to pick up any anti-others votes. As well, he's setting himself up to be a threat in challenges (though thus far he hasn't shown much of anything in the challenges.) I can see him being brought to the finals as a goat, but turn out to be a winner.

1. Cochran

The only person smart enough to think "Maybe we don't need to split the vote." If he makes final tribal, he's a shoo-in to win (barring some sort of horrendous and unexpected double cross on his part) His biggest concern now? Actually getting to final tribal. The Stealth R Us alliance is very fluid now that the finish line is in sight. People are going to start manuevering for the end game, and that is going to include getting rid of players that can win at the end. Cochran has shown that he has improved his challenge play; now he has to show that he's improved his end game strategy.

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