Thursday, April 04, 2013

Survivor: Caramoan Episode 8 Power Rankings

11. Michael

Lost his guardian angel in Corinne, and is an easy boot for anybody who wants to simplify things next week. He can win if he makes final 3, but he's not making final 3 so that's a moot point.

10. Eddie

In the same boat as Reynold, only without an immunity idol. Unless he finds some sort of magical alliance out there, he is not long for this game.

 9. Sherri

She gets a reprieve but is not in a good spot at all. The favourites don't really need her any more; if she gets suggested as a peace offering, I'm sure that the favourites will be more than willing to vote her out.

 8. Brenda

If it wasn't for her reaction at the immunity challenge, I would have assumed that Brenda had just left the game or something.

 7. Reynold

Back to square one for Reynold. Just when it seems like he's gotten ahead, the game drags him back to a bad spot. The bright side is that if he actually makes it to final tribal, his story will overcome any perceived personality issues he has.

 6. Philip

Dodged a bullet, but it is obvious that nobody likes him. That alone knocks him down a few notches. The only reason why he continues to be this high? Because of his high probability to make the final tribal council.

 5. Malcolm

Big drop here. He stays high because he has an idol that nobody else knows about, but he has some scrambling to reassert himself to the favourites. He could try to find another alliance that would be willing to flip, or he could just go back to his alliance and grovel. Either way, he needs to do something this week.

 4. Erik

Erik needs to win challenges once his alliance are the only ones left. Otherwise he's going to get the boot for being too likeable.

 3. Andrea

She took the information from Dawn and made the move to tell Erik what was going on and who to vote for. She convinced him to flip and he did. That's a great move, and a sign of strength. She's in a great spot right now.

 2. Cochran
 1. Dawn
Dawn and Cochran are working incredibly well together. Dawn took he information that she got from Corinne, and she and Cochran worked out the best plan to get themselves out of this seemingly big hole they found themselves in. Dawn is in first because this is the second time that she has raised the flag on somebody who told her some troubling plans and got them eliminated. But Cochran is a proven immunity threat now...

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Anonymous Abby said...

I think that neither Brenda, Sherri, and Erik are in a good spot despite being part of the majority that voted off Corinne. I hope they realize it soon enough and shake things up. Phillip and Andrea have too much power at this point, but I can't wait to see Phillip gone. So I hope Malcolm can pull something off next week. This might be a good time to leverage the immunity idol that they have (Malcolm & Reynold).

1:47 AM  

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