Thursday, March 28, 2013

Survivor: Caramoan Episode 7 Power Rankings

They're back!

12. Sherri

Has an alliance with...Michael? She could coast along for a bit while the various factions sort out their issues, but she isn't going to get into final tribal.

11. Brenda

Brenda is basically in the same position as Sherri, though she is a favorite, so she has a leg up. As well, Brenda has a reputation of being a good player. That is going to cause people to target her as soon as they can.

10. Eddie

Eddie is this low because unless he goes on an immunity run, I can see him being the odd man out of the bros group. And I don't think he beats Reynold in final tribal if it gets to that point.

9. Michael

Could be too low based on what the preview for next week says is going to happen. But he is at the bottom of the purple tribe, and only has Corrine's stated desire to take him deep to carry him. He's smart, but he isn't going to flip the favorites himself.

8. Philip

Philip is running the show, and he's going to pay the price for running the show. Everybody is looking to get rid of him, regardless of favorite or fan designation. They all want to blind side him, and Philip is not doing himself any favours by keeping the pedal to the metal the entire time, and not backing off.

7. Corrine

Corrine's desire to get rid of Philip is getting in the way of her desire to play the game smartly and getting to the end. Her flare ups with Philip only show the cracks in the favorites' alliance, and make her a likely target for whenever somebody decides to make a move in the favorites group.

6. Reynold

On the bright side, Reynold continues to be a challenge beast, he has a solid alliance with Malcolm and he has an immunity idol. On the down side, Malcolm knows he has an idol, and Malcolm can be very manipulative when he wants to be. Reynold is in a decent position to go far, but the question is whether he can make it to the end.

5. Erik

Speaking of challenge beasts, here's Erik. Everybody seems to still forget that Erik would have won the first Fans vs. Favorites season if he doesn't give up immunity. He was that good at challenges, and that well liked. This season he has been kinda invisible, but his instincts have been pretty spot on, and he seems to have stumbled into a good alliance. Nobody is going to want to go with him to the end, but who's to say that they are going to have a choice?

4. Andrea

This feels like a bit of a default positioning, but Andrea is in good with the fans, and she seems to have the hesitant trust of many people. The downside is that she seems to see trouble in anything and everything that happens around her. If she can stay playing slow, she'll be fine and could win the game. But if not, she's in a lot of trouble.

3. Cochran
2. Dawn

The ones who were actually making the decisions on the purple tribe, they are playing a great game so far. As they are making the decisions, they are making sure that Philip wears the consequences fo their decisions. They're going to continue to "float" while doing what they want, until it comes down to whatever faction they are in and either the Corrine or Malcolm faction. If they come out on top, one of these two will win.

1. Malcolm

The clubhouse leader, Malcolm is a challenge threat, has an immunity idol, and seemingly has alliances with everybody in the game. He also has the charisma to pull off having an alliance with everybody, and will be able to play them off of each other for as long as he needs it to. So long as he doesn't choke in the final immunity challenge, he will win the game.

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