Thursday, May 10, 2012

Survivor: One World 5/9 Power Rankings and Final Thoughts

I have never been so conflicted going into a final episode of Survivor. It seems like this should be a slam dunk Kim victory, and yet the editors threw in a lot of hints that the jury was not pleased with the remaining players. That would indicate that this is going to backfire on Kim, and somebody else is going to win. But then again, it was a bitter jury on Redemption Island, and Boston Rob ended up benefiting from the bitterness.

What follows are my final power rankings for the year. It reflects who I feel has the best chance of being voted Sole Survivor and winning this season.

5. Christina

Why She Will Win:  Christina's best chance to win is to be brought along to the end and then absorb all of the votes from jurors who do not wish to reward those who actively ended their game. Since Christina hasn't actively done anything to anybody's games, she gets the vote by default.
Why She Won't Win:  Christina has been the weakest player this year; always at the bottom of the pack, acting like a pawn for Alicia, who was actively attempting to get rid of her earlier in the game. For whatever reason, nobody seems to care for her. She was never able to improve her lot in the game at all; she chose to take a Big Brother-esque floater role. That strategy works for Big Brother, but in Survivor it's the kiss of death to win the game.
Verdict: If she wins, she will be the worst winner of all tie and the Survivor franchise will be harmed severely.
4. Alicia

Why She Will Win:  She stands a good chance to make it to the final as the person nobody likes, and from there she can argue that she had her block of people who voted her way.
Why She Won't Win: People truly dislike her. She's delusional about running the game, and everybody sees this.
Verdict: She's probably going to make the final three and then will be either ignored or destroyed at final tribal.

3. Sabrina

Why She Will Win: She's a great speaker who really hasn't upset too many people.
Why She Won't Win: She is too much of a threat to win at final tribal due to her speaking skills, and she is too little of a threat to win immunity.
Verdict: She will get voted out at the final four, with an outside chance that it is due to losing a firemaking challenge to Chelsea.

2. Chelsea

Why She Will Win: She was Kim's right hand woman, and was competent at the challenges. For the most part, she was a straight shooter who kept her word.
Why She Won't Win: She was Kim's right hand woman, but wasn't making any decisions of her own. She was combative at times with  the members of the jury, and seemed to interject her own moral judgments of who was deserved to be in the game and not.
Verdict: She makes it to final tribal by challenge wins of some sort, along with having a majority alliance with Kim and Sabrina at final five. She then gets beaten at final tribal by Kim.

1. Kim

Why She Will Win: Kim was a slightly sloppier version of Boston Rob from Redemption Island. Good at challenges and basically ran the game from start to finish. She has a way to convince people to do what she wants them to do.
Why She Won't Win: Because she ran the show, people will hold her responsible for ruining their game. She played both sides and had to deceive people; this will be their chance to hold her to that.
Verdict: She still seems like she's going to win, edit be damned. She definitely deserves to win. And I hope that she does.

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