Thursday, December 29, 2011

My new favourite spokesperson

Not to make light of this, but the spokesperson for the Agglomeration de Longueuil police department is kinda awesome

“The initial call was that two men had gone to Duhamel’s home,” David said. “They rang the doorbell, and when he opened the door they beat him up and they stole goods from his house. So conspiracy would be setting this up or planning the event. There’s four people in this event, so somebody at some point planned this.

I'm glad to hear that there have been arrests in this case and that they have recovered part of Duhamel's property. But the spokesperson explaining why it was a conspiracy made the story.

(BTW, check out the 2+2 thread on this story for a story about a thread started earlier in the year warning Duhamel about the ex that was arrested, and Le Journal de Montreal to show how dumb one of the arrested apparently was.)

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