Thursday, September 22, 2011

Survivor: South Pacific Week 2 Power Rankings

Well, somebody has to win

18. Semhar (Last week: 18)

I have to give credit where it's due - coming up with a poem on the spot like Semhar did takes a fair bit of creativity and smarts. Kudos to her for that.

(This is where somebody points ou that it was a poem that she had already written.)

17. Christine (Last week: 17)

On more piece of lack of awareness on Christine's part: you don't need to wake up Semhar to announce your presence.

Watch your back. Your front too.

16. Stacey (Last week: 13)

The only thing that Stacey now has going for her is the knowledge that she is the next target. That desperation might make her play harder and get her out of her predicament. Or it might make her look for the hidden immunity idol and miss it, even though it is staring her in the face.

15. Brandon (Last week: 15)

Short of being sent to Redemption Island, I don't know how this episode could have gone any worse for Brandon.

14. John (Last week: 16)
13. Dawn (Last week: 14)

John and Dawn are in the same boat, having been identified as being week the first time they went to tribal council. Normally, this would mean that you would have to find your own alliance to protect you. But in this case, the alpha males have teamed together for their own greater good. Barring some sort of miracle, these two are the next ones to go.

12. MarkPapa Bear (Last week: 7)

Through no real fault of his own, Mark gets dropped significantly. He probably stands the best chance of creating his own alliance to face Ozzy/Jim/Keith head on, but there's a good chance that he will end up being blindsided by his getting voted out.

11. Edna (Last week: 10)

Just too wishy-washy and unable to tell the simplest of lies to cover her own tracks. She easily could have name dropped Mikayla to Christine and Stacey and saved herself from being not trusted.

10. Coach (Last week: 13)

Coach knows Brandon's secret; howhe uses that knowledge could make or break his game this season.

9. Sophie (Last week: 9)
8. Rick (Last week: 8)

7. Mikayla (Last week: 6)

Mikayla is in an interesting spot, as she is going to be kept for being the strongest woman, but she has somebody gunning for her. She should be able to play this into replacing Brandon in the Coach alliance (aside: how does this not have a name yet?) She just needs to point out that Brandon is not the most stable of players, while she can be trusted to vote the right way and not rock the boat. I just don't know if she is going to make that connection or not.

6. Albert (Last week: 5)

Albert's standing up for Coach at tribal council was somewhat interesting in that it was a targetted attack against Christine and Stacey. I liked seeing the fire, and I think it will end up being a footnote in the season, but I hope that it was a rare occurance for Albert. If not, it could be a much shorter stay than expected.

5. Keith (Last week: 11)

Join a power alliance of three, jump up the list. Pretty simple.

4. Whitney (Last week: 4)
3. Elyse (Last week: 3)

Might actually be in a better position in their alliance, as being the odd people out makes it easier to flip if it becomes necessary.

2. Jim (Last week: 2)

I wasn't sure if Jim was going to go down the Marty path and make it his mission to get Ozzy out of the game. Jim obviously understands Ozzy's value to the tribe and himself as a human shield to absorb votes when things get to a merge. What Jim needs to make sure is that he doesn't get caught up in thinking he's leading his alliance; if he does, then hubris will strike with all its fury.

1. Ozzy (Last week: 1)

Between setting up an alliance of people who are willing to accept him as a fellow player, and his finding of a hidden immunity idol, Ozzy is playing a Boston Rob-lite game so far. So I'm sure that next week I'll end up writing something aobut how their games are dissimiliar.

BTW, wasn't the point of hiding clues to find the immunity idol to make it even more difficult to find the actual idol? How does Ozzy of all people find it so quickly?

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