Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quick NFL Week 1 Picks

New feature here on the 'Muse - I'm going to post my weekly NFL picks against the spread. These are using the Yahoo Sports listed spreads, so they end up locked in on Thursday or Friday. No money is being wagered either - if I make a wager at some point, I will let you know what that is.

First, the Thursday night game:

New Orleans +4.5 over Green Bay (Loss)

Sunday games:

Atlanta -3 over Chicago
Cleveland -6.5 over Cincinatti
Buffalo +6 over Kansas City
Philadelphia -5 over St. Louis
Detroit +2 over Tampa Bay
Tennessee +2 over Jacksonville
Pittsburgh +2.5 over Baltimore
Houston -8.5 over Indianapolis
Arizona -7 over Carolina
San Diego -8.5 over Minnesota
San Francisco -5.5 over Seattle
New York Giants -3 over Washington
New York Jets -4.5 over Dallas

Monday games:

New England -7 over Miami
Denver -3 over Oakland

(Bonus Survivor pool pick: New England)

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