Thursday, September 15, 2011

Survivor: South Pacific Week 1 Power Rankings

If you end up surviving one RI Duel, I'll be shocked

18. Semhar (Last week: 16)

There is something to be said for stepping up and saying that you can do something in a competition. The key is that you need to actually succeed in what you do. Semhar did not in any way, and if her getting tired by throwing flipping coconuts, she will not survive the Duel.

Don't get too comfortable

17. Christine (Last week: 17)

Playing the game way too fast is an easy way to get voted out early. By looking for the immunity idol instead of forming bonds with her tribe, Christine put a huge target on her back. Throw in that she said that stupid thing in the start about Coach being a "temporary player" and she is in a lot of trouble. She needs to either have her tribe put together an immunity streak to let her actions slide, or to quickly make up for her very poor start.

(BTW, if Chris can be derived from your name, you seem to be drawn to the idea to find an idol immediately.)

16. John (Last week: 12)

Another way to become a target? Talk way too much. John performed poorly in the challenge, was self-conscious around the tribe and talked about how poor he performed. He needs to start lying low and contributing to the tribe.

In all honesty, you would think that somebody who has watched every Survivor episode would know this. John apparently did not learn this.

15. Brandon (Last week: 15)

Brandon is doing everything right, but in having to hide his tattoos, he seems like he is acting shady. That is not going to endear him to his tribe, an could make him an early target. And should his tattoos or secret be found out? It's all over for him.

14. Dawn (Last week: 8)

Breaking down and crying in the early going is yet another way to not endear yourself to your tribe. If John does step up, somebody else is going to have to be the target. And barring a Holly like comeback, Dawn is in a lot trouble.

The Rest

13. Coach (Last week: 14)

I still have Coach low because he is prone to doing stupid things, and it is early. With that said Coach has actually started out well, putting together a seemingly solid alliance and toning down his personality. So I wouldn't be surprised if he kept moving up the rankings as we moved on.

12. Stacey (Last week: 18)

Moved up here simply thanks to her in ability to see the clue right in front of her face, and then calling herself out for it.

11. Keith (Last week: 13)

10. Edna (Last week: 10)
9. Sophie (Last week: 11)

Sophie leaps ahead of Edna because Sophie seems to be in an alliance with Coach, while Edna does not. With that said, Edna was the first to help Coach and treat him like an actual player. It will be interesting to see if this turns into anything later on, with Coach forced to make a choice.

8. Rick (Last week: 9)

7. MarkPapa Bear (Last week: 7)

Papa Bear has done a great job of integrating himself into the tribe, and to make himself a lovable character. It's going to be more difficult to vote him out.

6. Mikayla (Last week: 6)
5. Albert (Last week: 5)
4. Whitney (Last week: 4)
3. Elyse (Last week: 2)

2. Jim (Last week: 1)

Jim has the right attitude to play the game. He did stumble though. He shouldn't have expressed himself quite as strong has he did against Semhar. Being vocal so early on is something that people are going to remember. There's plenty of time for him to make people forget this, but he needs to be more aware of what he's saying when he talks.

1. Ozzy (Last week: 3)

This is probably a premature ranking for Ozzy, but he seems to be in a great position. He has a tribe that loves him and he still seems to have his gift for performance in challenges. The question is whether this will last as we get closer to the merge. Right now, I am banking on it continuing for the long run.

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