Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Survivor: South Pacific Episode 1 Live Blog

Yup, Survivor is back and so is the live blog!

- Our opening montage of everybody coming in, starting with Ozzy and Coach.
- Coach wants to prove that he win with honour and integrity. Good luck with that sir.
- Ozzy says he didn't ahve the best strategy, but was the best in challenges, which is true.
- The newbies having to row in on a boat is kinda funny.
- That they are wearing "everyday" clothes seems set up though.
- Brandon has the same speech pattern as Russell.

- Whitney gets first billing after the two returning players. Coincidence, or do they think she has fame to trade on?

- Ah the glee of the people playing the game for the first time.
- Edna telling Brandon "I hope it's not Russell" almost seems set up.
- Oh man, does Brandon sound like Russell. And the tattoos!
- The enthusiasm over Coach's arrival is electrifying!

- Christine saying the returning players are "temporary players" was not a good start to the game.
- 5 seconds in and already I hate John.
- And admitting that you are a fanboy? Not the best spot.
- Somebody needs to tell Ozzy that what he did to break his egg wasn't cool.
- Christine needs to hide her disdain a lot better.
- Redemption Island works the same way as before.

- First challenge?
- Hero challenge? Nice twist.
- I don't remember Ozzy being that good at puzzles. Then again, neither was Coach.
- Naturally, Ozzy leads.
- Was Coach trying to dig to China?
- And as I remember, neither was very good at puzzles. Then again, the whole blue team seems to be bad at puzzles.
- Coach fails yet again.
- "There's no way I would ahve been able to do that, well, I might have, but we would have been here all day." Ozzy, I was betting on it.
- The Coach/Edna combination could be incredibly fun.
- Edna helping Coach could just be a kind act, but it could be interpreted poorly by the rest of her tribe.
- Wow, does Ozzy seem to be getting the Boston Rob treatment. With that said, there's no way he's going to control the rest of the game like Rob did.

- Fun juxtaposition of John being honest about his career (Harvard Law Student), while Whitney kinda lies about what she does.
- Ozzy, do you remember what happened with Amanda? Romances will kill your game.
- John is playing the awkward nerd, which is not good. The tribe is accepting him now, which is okay. But when it comes time to vote somebody out? First target.

- Coach's speech was the upmost in awkward "I'm not a threat, I'm not strategic." "I'm sorry we lost, but what I liked about it was that it felt like a team effort."
- What is with women named Christine or Kristina alienating their tribe by searching for the immunity idol?

- Jim claiming to be a science teacher is okay, so long as he can keep up the charade.
- Um, Dawn is right about worrying for the shelter, but expressing it when it seems like everybody else

- Brandon being identified as "Russell Hantz's Nephew" edges out Mikayla being identified as "Lingerie Football Player".
- Look at Brandon dropping the Delilah references towards Mikayla.
- But he isn't comfortable with Mikayla flaunting herself?
- Oh, he's afraid that he could stray from his wife. I guess we have one of our main storylines for the next little bit.

- Coach's speech about winning immunity
- Look at Coach trying to get an alliance together.

- Dawn is getting the "you are going to get voted out first" edit. Not a good thing.
- Mark is going to try to support Dawn. Meanwhile, Jedi Master Ozzy will actually carry her along.
- I might be wrong on Ozzy not being able to pull off the Rob game from last year.

- Ash toothpaste? That is crazy.
- Ozzy finally decides it is time to build a shelter, to make sure the tribe is strong. That is a great way to frame this.
- John needing advice on how to crack a coconut with a machete is not good.

- Brandon's first fish is just sad.
- And nwo Sophie thinks Brandon is hiding something. Another storyline!

- So we have Upolu figuring out how to get up the wall, while Savaii flounders (hey there's John not being very helpful in an immunity challenge!)
- Rick destroys the chopping of the ropes.
- And now Semhar is failing at shooting baskets after saying she can do it no problem.
- "Mikayla is a scoring machine!" Jeff with the unintentional comedy.
- Upolu wins immunity, with Semhar having given up during the challenge. But hey, she's showing a lot of cleavage. (
- Jim rules. "Sorta bad? I feel sorta bad when I'm out of milk. I feel like crap now that we're going home and having to vote somebody out." "It's not tag team wrestling, it's Survivor."

- Upolu gets back, and it's time to find the clue to a hidden immunity idol.
- The Stacey sequence where she continues on about how the clue could be right
- At least Semhar has the self-awareness to know that she shouldn't have gone off on Jim. It's probably too late though.
- And now Ozzy is being blinded by Semhar looks.
- Jim "[Semhar's] body is mesmerizing, but not hypnotizing." Jim is awesome.
- Ozzy telling Semhar to politick is strong.
- John is a huge fan of the game, but not playing the game? WTF?
- And then John goes into paranoia mode.
- And the fight is set up: Jim vs. Ozzy. Hopefully it goes better than Jimmy Johnson vs. Marty.
- Also, the John speech about him being the first one out? Classic misdirection.

- Dawn bringing up her crying was not a good thing.
- Jeff's hosting skills were on the display by jumping right to Jim after Semhar was brought up as being worried.
- Jim's response was great in not directly bashing
- MarkPapa Bear defending John was fantastic to further his agenda.
- For being such a fan, John should have known that Jeff would gladly let tribal council go for days if it meant good TV.
- Meanwhile, John is digging his own grave. He was onto something with the "what exactly are you doing around camp" bit, but blew it by continuing to go on.
- I think Jeff might have to clean up a mess from this tribal council.

- John needs to realize how close he came to going, and needs to think about how to change his play. A hint - shut up.
- Meanwhile, Semhar probably doesn't understand why she was voted out, even though it should be obvious. She talks about having passion, but John has just as much. And she's just as much of a liability as John, only John did not insist that he was capable at something only to show he wasn't.

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