Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Details you don't want in your heroic story

In BC, a 12 year old boy delivered his own brother when his mother went into labour. She was 2 days past due date, so when Kelly McParland makes note that she didn't seem to have this well thought out, he does have a bit of a point. I'd assume that the labour came out of the blue, and she didn't have time for the paramedics to arrive. (I'm giving the benefit of the doubt here.)

What struck me though wasn't so much the circumstances of her going into labour, it's what the 12 year old boy was doing when she went into labour:
Gaelan, who lives in Campbell River, had been watching a movie about showgirls on television at about 2 a.m. on Sunday morning

I wonder why a 12 year old would be watching "a movie about showgirls" (read: Showgirls) at 2 am?

Note to my friends - should I do something amazing to get me in the news, please claim I was watching Citizen Kane. Thanks.

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