Monday, May 02, 2011

Changing of Perspective

Sun News has done a fantastic job of building up a reputation. First they launch a news network which is criticized for trying to draw based on sex appeal. Then they have to back off of a story that they published and claim that they felt had been planted by a Conservative operative.

Now they've essentially accused NDP Leader Jack Layton of being found with a prostitute. And guess what? There's questions about how the story was obtained.

There are two things which stand out to me on this story:

1) Jack Layton's "yup, this story happened, but there was nothing improper about what happened" reaction was a classic "Tell the truth and hope the story goes away" reaction. This is probably the best way for Layton to handle it, but unfortunately there will be some that will question whether he is telling the truth.

2) I do not understand why the media was quick to run with this story. The Sun had already shown that it could be manipulated by a juicy story, so wouldn't a healthy dose of skepticism be worth it in this case?

Ultimately, what Chirs Selley says is going to be true: This story isn't going to matter.

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