Thursday, March 11, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs Villains Episode 5 Thoughts

Hey y'all, there's a rumour that James just wants to win.

I say it's a rumour because his and his tribemates' actions have told a much different story. They don't care about winning; they care about self-preservation. Right now they are playing a game of "Don't get voted out before the merge, and then scramble once you reach the merge to better your position." The latest victim of this mindset is Tom.

I can't actually blame James for his attempts to save himself as he was actually the other target for being voted out. However, somebody like a Rupert has exposed himself as a hypocrite and has destroyed any claim he had on being a likeable player and/or a good player. How can you keep a player who has a brace on his knee that is meant to prevent you from bending the leg and who says that his knee is fine "but [he] can't walk on it" under the guise that he's stronger than the able-bodied fire fighter?

For that matter, under what history has James been considered a winner? I don't remember him winning individual immunity in either of the season's he's been in. I DO remember him being the stupidest Survivor ever (until Erik took the crown) for having 2 immunity idols and being voted out because he didn't play one. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO SAVE SOMEBODY WHO HAS PROVEN HIMSELF TO BE A LOSER OVER A PERSON WHO WAS A PART OF THE FIRST EVER SURVIVOR TRIBE SWEEP?

What is interesting is to watch JT play this game for the second time. The first time he aligned with Steven, dominated the challenges and then win the million dollars. This time it seems as though he's realized that he needs to get to the merge and let his immunity run begin. So while he's made the odd move to better his game (ie voting Cirie out), he's somehow managed to follow the pack while continuing to be the swing vote. Unless both sides decide that they need tovote him out, JT is going to have played the most visible under the radar game ever.

The Villains continue to be shockingly good at these challenges that require teamwork, especially considering that at tribe, Boston Rob and Russell might destroy each other.

Rob's inexperience with the hidden immunity idol is obvious, even without him telling us every 5 minutes that he never played with a hidden immunity idol before. His answer to the assumption that Russell has the idol? Vote him out! Of course, he'll just play the idol and then get to choose who is getting voted out.Somebody who has played with the idol needs to tell Rob this so they can come up with another plan. (Then again, somebody should have been there with Russell trying to find the idol themselves. It's nice to be all "team unity" and everything, but this is an individual game.)

So while one tribe has completely melted down, another manages to stay together by sheer ability to win challenges. How long until the Villains meltdown themselves?

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