Thursday, February 11, 2010

Survivo Heroes vs Villans: Episode 1 Thoughts

It's indisputable that Mark Burnett and crew know how to start out a season with a bang and this was no exception. The chopper entrance was one thing, but the reward challenge was unreal. Anything containing nudity, violence and non-life threatening injuries can't be bad, can it?

It seems like Stephenie will be fine, but Rupert? He's in more trouble than initially thought. He won't be removed because of his broken toe, but if he shows weakness, the wolf pack that is the Heroes tribe will eat him alive.

One of the more interesting developments was how quickly the Heroes tribe evolved into many subtribes who were looking to take control behind the scenes, if not in front of the scenes. Meanwhile, the Villans seems to be following in line behind Boston Rob. Heck, that was almost as surprising as Boston Rob stepping up to be the clean cut leader of the tribe. It was like bizarro Survivor from the expectations.

One thing that was not surprising was Sugar's ouster. Ultimately, there was no groundswell to get rid of one particular player for long-term strategic reasons, even with Amanda, Cirie, Tom and Stephenie all being identified as possible threats. So instead, the person who showed the most weakness after the immunity challenge (and arguably during the challene) gets the boot. Too bad for Sugar, though I did think she was not long for ths game.

No prediction for next week; the teaser does not look promising for one Survivor player.

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