Monday, January 25, 2010

WBCOOP Event 1 Summary

WBCOOP Event 1 has come and pass for me, and I'd like to say that I came back from my self-imposed shortstacking to at least cash. That didn't happen. I finished 513th of 1,740 entrants, which is a positive.

Unfortunately I really didn't play enough hands to do a proper blog entry. A summary:

Hand #1 - In the Big Blind, I was allowed to check. The flop was pretty innocuous, so I bet out and Villan folded.

Hand #2 - Blinds at 25/50 with 10 ante, I made it 250 to go with A4 suited. It was folded around and I scooped the pot.

Hand #3 - I went all in with AJo and was called by the BB who held KQo. Flop comes ATx, and the J doesn't hit so I get to double up.

Hand #4 - I go all in with A5h and is called by JJ. Flop comes with an A and I lay a bad beat on my opponent.

Hand #5 - I check the BB with 98o with 2 other callers. Flop and turn are checked. The river gives a board of KQ653 rainbow, an I bet out for 500 chips (approx 25% of my stack) into a 650 chip pot. I am minraised and have to fold.

Hand #6 - I get KQd and shove. I'm called by ATo. Flop comes T98, and I don't get any of my outs.

That's it. What can I say about this? I'm not upset with how I played (hand #5 is probably not the best play in retrospect, but I don't mind my reasoning for how I played it at the time.) Most of the action is very straight forward and self explanatory. Sometimes, a poker tournament summary for a player is pretty cut and dry, and not that interesting to discuss.

It could have been worse though. Head over to Rakewell/Poker Grump and see how he busted from the tournament. That is not a nice way to start the series.

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