Saturday, February 20, 2010

Survivor Heroes vs. Villains: Episode 2 Thoughts

As far as predicting the game goes, I'm well off. I mean, I got that the weakest was going to be first voted off of the Heroes tribe, but they've split into factions I was not expecting. It's left me confused.

I really don't get what the Heroes are thinking. Cirie has proven in two seperate seasons that she is one of the best strategic minds to play Survivor. Many players have said this. So why is her vote being courted by both sides? Why not just vote her out all together, so you don't have to worry about her later? It's not like she is adding to your team on the challenges. Some would argue that she is huring your tribe in the challenges. So why exactly aren't you dealing with her now, as opposed to later?

That confused me to no end. The repercusions of this also confused me. How much credit does Cirie get for putting herself in the position of being a swing vote AND keeping Amanda around for a possible alliance later? Did she just luck her way into a position where there was a faction fight and she was in the middle? The editing lends itself to Cirie and Candice lucking themselves into that position, but I could see how Cirie might have seen this coming and positioned herself into this situation. Then again, this might be a ruse which has Cirie and Amanda already aligned but appearing to not be initially so they can surprise their alliance later on.

Another thing that confused me was James going on and on about how Stephenie was a loser just outlasted the rest of her tribe. First, this ignore that she finished second in Guatemala, which is further than James ever got. More importantly, where does the guy who got voted out while holding two hidden immunity idols get off calling anybody else a loser? I really wished that somebody would have mentioned this at some point during the incredibly fun yet slightly uncomfortable Tribal Council. Heck, I'm sure I know James' reaction to that fact:

Shut your mouth.

Meanwhile, over at the Villain family camp out, Boston Rob has the flu and a bit of "crybabyitis", Coach and Jerri continue to work as a team (did you see how they rolled that block in the immunity/reward challenge?), and Russell continues to feel jealous and plot against Boston Rob. When the showdown between these two finally come, it will epic I can not wait.

Next week looks great as well, with them bringing back a purely physical game. I have to imagine that somebody is going to take a beating in this episode, and the end result is going to leave us cringing. Plus, we're going to see the end result of James' actions at tribal council. Are Tom and Colby going to be the next ones voted out, or can they swing the tribe to get rid of James before them. And isn't it time for the villains to have to face tribal council?

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