Tuesday, March 16, 2010

JayRo Watches Movies: She's Out of My League

Before seeing She's Out of My League, I read this review by Peter Howell, and was worried by this passage:
The filmmaker can't resist the gross-out gags that are endemic to modern rom-coms, and so we get appalling moments that will be referred to as "the dog scene" and "the pubic haircut scene

I was worried that She's Out of My League was going to fall into the same trap as Fired Up, and it wouldn't decide what sort of film it is.

As it turns out, She's Out of My League knows exactly what kind of movie it is - a smart romantic comedy told from the male perspective. The scenes mentioned above have nothing graphic in them - the gross-out portion of the scenes is implied, not seen.

Between the script and Jay Baruchel's strong job playing the "regular joe" who is in the middle of a lot of insanity, She's Out of My League is an enjoyable film that I highly recommend.

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