Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Survivor: Fiji Episode 12 thoughts

Let the games begin!

Alex put up a good fight this week, kinda making sense with his pleas to get them to vote off somebody else, but much like Adam of last year, failing in his goal. And now we can get on to the last part of the game - splitting of the ruling alliance. The core alliance seems to be Earl, Yau Man and Cassandra. Boo is definitely on the outside, while Stacy and Dreamz are non crucial members of the alliance.

Now that we've set up where everybody stands, let's try to figure out where things go from here. It seems pretty obvious that everybody is afraid of Yau Man having the immunity idol, and they are going to force him to use it this week. (Earl might not care too much, but I don't think he's going to stop the idol from being played, as he is an incredible position right now.) And everybody seems to agree that Boo is first to go, then Stacy. Which leaves us with who is going in 4th spot (because it seems as though the final tribal council will be the top 3 again - the finale is this Sunday).

Here's where the drama will begin. Earl and Yau Man know that their competition is each other. So the question is whether one will turn on the other. And I imagine that Earl will allow Yau Man to get voted out so he can win the game.

Who goes this week? I'm going to say that wrench is thrown into the plans and Stacy goes this week because Boo wins immunity.

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